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Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
their online failure, only one nonstudent enrolled after the uc system spent more than $4 million in marketing to students. now in contrast, the csu model is built for a existing group of students, students that need the courses to graduate at $150 a course. most students need some level of remediation, they expect the spots will fill up fast and they will have to turn others away. >> there's a new push to change the name of san francisco's airport. the san francisco lawmaker introduced legislation today that if approved, would rename sfo in honor of slain gay rights leader, harvey milk. he needs five others to agree to get it on the ballot. if it goes through, sfo would be the first airport to be named in the nation after a openly gay person. >>> and good afternoon, i'm jeff in the nbc area weather center. after a frigid tart, 25 in gilroy, napa 28, and redwood city 22. and san jose down to 33, all the cold and still air has a spare the air alert in effect for wednesday. the worst air quality expected in the north bay, we will have detail on a warming trend and how high that thermometer will
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
and a professor of mechanical engineering at uc-davis. >> not all of them are safe, absolutely. >> reporter: a recent study at a conference at the international society for skiing safety found the rate of spine and head injuries at terrain parks is double that compared to other areas at a resort. hubbard says the key to preventing serious accidents calculating the distance from the jump to the landing. >> basically accommodates for any place you want to land and makes it you land equally softly everywhere. >> reporter: mathematical equations into it? >> mathematical equations, no? >> reporter: chris gunderson at the secenter of the trend. his company dreams up and constructs the jumps for the x games and the dew tour. he's also building terrain parks at ski areas all over the worl . for northern california it includes north star, squaw and heavenly. >> it would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to develop a standard, because sfeeds are so varying andxd use controls are so varying. >> reporter: we'll have more on the issue tonight at 11:00, and we'll also hear from a man now paralyze
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
. republicans are demanding that any final budget deal includes language that ensures that the uc and csu systems do not raise tuition for at least seven years. >>> so sometimes more money means more problems. the budget includes a $2 billion increase in funding for k-12 education. but not all districts will get the same amount of money. in fact, the governor pointed to two bay area school systems to justify his decision to give more money to certain schools and less to others. nbc's arturo santiago joins us from piedmont. i can imagine this is already causing controversy. >> reporter: a bit of it, raj. the governor specifically mentioned richmond and piedmont, two distinctly different school districts but when it comes to what the governor is proposing for the k-12 funding, you'll get similar reactions from each one. now, at perrys elementary school in richmond, 100% of its students are on the free or reduced lunch program. now, this is the kind of school that the governor is trying to focus on. he just doesn't want to increase funding across the board. he wants to disproportionately fun
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3